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Outlook for 2020

The Austin regional economy has remained strong and is forecasted to continue growing through 2020.  

The combination of this strong regional economy attracting new residents (over 100 per day) and low real estate inventory within Austin’s urban core will continue to drive both demand and prices up within the Kyle Real Estate Market.

Austin Area Real Estate Trends

  • Approx. 100 people per day move into the Austin area amid a growing shortage of available homes.
  • Demand for housing is growing much faster than the number of homes available.
  • Since 2012 – median price for single-family home in Austin’s urban core soared 67% ($301K to $505K)
  • Growing population, booming local economy and housing inventory shortage will continue to drive prices in the surrounding areas.

2019 - Kyle Median Lis Price Trend

From January 2019 ($240K) to December 2019 ($256K) we saw a $16,000 increase in the median list price for homes in the Kyle Market.

This has the Kyle market outperforming both Buda and San Marcos markets that saw slight median list price declines.

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