APD Finds 54 Pounds Of Meth In Kyle, Tx

Earlier this month Austin Police Department discovered a vehicle with approximately 54 pounds of meth and 13 pounds of heroin at the Hampton Inn in Kyle, Texas. APD suspect the vehicle was used for narcotics smuggling.

The drugs were being smuggled through Kyle on I35 to an unknown destination city.

Police K9 Alamo alerted officers to the vehicle, and officers executed a search warrant and found the drugs in speakers.

The driver has not yet been located and the case is ongoing.

All communities along the I-35 corridor need to content with the reality of IH-35 being used as one of many drug routes.

111 Pound Meth Bust In Williamson County

Earlier this year, Williamson County Sheriff Deputies found 111 pounds of methamphetamine and 66 pounds of heroin after pulling over a 2008 Chevy truck on I-35 just south of Jarrell on Tuesday for a routine traffic stop.

This is believed to be one fo the largest meth busts in Central Texas to date.

In that instance, Williamson County Sheriff Chody says he believes the drugs were coming from Mexico headed to Dallas. According to Chody, the I-35 corridor has become a popular route for people selling drugs

Why was APD Operating in Kyle?

APD has a memorandum of understanding with Hays County and Williamson County which allows APD to work in those counties.

The code of criminal procedures says APD is allowed to work in the same county that our city resides in.