Hays CISD Has Created A Citizen Committee To Consider $213 Million in Debt For Various Projects

Hays CISD is considering over $213 million in projects to include in a possible May 2020 Bond issuance to be considered by local voters.

The projects are broken into 5 categories including New Construction, Major Maintenance, Transportation, Safety, and Instruction & Technology.


Hays CISD Board of Trustees has appointed 28 citizens to the Facilities and Bond Oversight Committee (FBOC) to help develop recommendations to present the Board.

The recommendation will include if the district should pursue a bond initiative, and what projects to include.

The FBOC will make its final recommendation to the Board on December 2019.

On January 2020 the Board will hold public forums regarding the bond proposal if adopted to move forward.

Jan/Feb 2020 the Board considers ordering bond election for May 2, 2020, by the statutory deadline to do so.

Projects Under Consideration

New Construction:

  • Middle School Expansions and Improvements: Wallace MS, Dahlstrom MS, McCormick MS
  • New Elementary School in the Sunfield Development
  • Elementary School Expansions: Negley, Elm Grove
  • Historic Buda Improvements: Demolition and improvements at upper campus
  • Historic Buda Improvements: Demo all structures except playgrounds
  • Stadium Expansions and Renovations: Increase Capacity to 8,500 seats at JHS and LHS
  • Shelton Stadium Parking
  • LHS BB/SB Improvements
  • HHS Weight Room
  • Central Administration Building
  • Live Oak Academy Renovation and Expansion

Major Maintenance:

  • Campus HVACs and Fire Alarms
  • Campus Roofing Projects
  • Campus Flooring Projects
  • Miscellaneous Maintenance Projects
  • Hardscape Improvements
  • Athletic Cycle Maintenance


  • New Buses


  • Keyless Entry Upgrades
  • Intercom Upgrades

Instruction & Technology:

  • Instructional Technology
  • Musical Instrument Purchase
  • Unifrom Replacements
  • Technology Infrastructure: Storage Area Network

Hays CISD Outstanding Debt Profile

Since 2004, Hays CISD has issued over $628 million in debt and currently has $470 million in debt outstanding.

The largest issuance in the district’s history was in bond series 2017 for a total of $160 million. This included $122 million for the new Johnson High School.

FBOC Committee Members

Below are the citizens appointed to the FBOC Committee.

Citizen Committee Member:Appointed by:
Chair PersonTricia QuinteroTrustee Petrea (At-Lg)
SecretaryJennifer AllenTrustee McManus (At-Lg)
Voting MemberTracy PartinTrustee Tobias (Dist. 1)
Voting MemberShannon WilliamsTrustee Tobias (Dist. 1)
Voting MemberJennifer PriceTrustee Tobias (Dist. 1)
Voting MemberMichelle CareyTrustee Tobias (Dist. 1)
Voting MemberCharissa McBee CrosslandTrustee Tenorio (Dist. 2)
Voting MemberYvonne EspinozaTrustee Tenorio (Dist. 2)
Voting MemberMichelle CohenTrustee Tenorio (Dist. 2)
Voting MemberDavid CrowellTrustee Tenorio (Dist. 2)
Voting MemberConnor EricksonTrustee Sanchez (Dist. 3)
Voting MemberDiane HervolTrustee Sanchez (Dist. 3)
Voting MemberEric BeasleyTrustee Sanchez (Dist. 3)
Voting MemberHolly RaymondTrustee Sanchez (Dist. 3)
Voting MemberLee UrbanovskyTrustee Keller (Dist. 4)
Voting MemberKim HilsenbeckTrustee Keller (Dist. 4)
Voting MemberAmanda FuquaTrustee Keller (Dist. 4)
Voting MemberGeoff SeibelTrustee Keller (Dist. 4)
Voting MemberJessica BedwellTrustee Orosco (Dist. 5)
Voting MemberByron SeveranceTrustee Orosco (Dist. 5)
Voting MemberMatt OckerTrustee Orosco (Dist. 5)
Voting MemberBrad AlexanderTrustee Orosco (Dist. 5)
Voting MemberJamie FulenwiderTrustee McManus (At-Lg)
Voting MemberCale BaeseTrustee McManus (At-Lg)
Voting MemberShane MericleTrustee McManus (At-Lg)
Voting MemberCarmen SifuentesTrustee Petrea (At-Lg)
Voting MemberRaul Vela, Jr.Trustee Petrea (At-Lg)
Voting MemberVincent LeccaTrustee Petrea (At-Lg)