Incident In Steeplechase

Kyle Police are continuing to investigate a situation that occurred Friday night, July 26, at about 9:20 p.m.

Officers were called to the Steeplechase neighborhood when a young woman in her early 20s ran to a nearby house to request help.

“The victim told the homeowners that a dark-colored passenger vehicle pulled alongside her while she was walking on the sidewalk,” Chief Jeff Barnett said. “She further reported to officers that there were at least two males in the vehicle and that one male got out of the vehicle and approached her.”

Barnett said the woman reported that the male attempted to grab her personal belongings.

He said the woman was able to run away and fled to a nearby house and the car sped away from the scene.

“Officers found her belongings scattered in the area where the woman reported the incident occurred, which was near the area of Brandi Circle and Brian Lane,” Barnett said.

“Investigators canvassed the neighborhood but were not able to find the individuals or the vehicle,” he said. “Anyone in the area with security footage or who may have seen or heard anything around that time is encouraged to call KPD at 512-268-3232.”

KPD is advising that individuals be aware of their surroundings, especially when walking alone.