Kyle Campaign Finance Reports – One Candidate Fails To File

  • All Candidates are required to file campaign finance reports on the 30th and 8th day before election day; unless they selected modified reporting.
  • Campaign finance reports are accessible to the public to help maintain transparency in elections.
  • Amanda Stark, Candidate for Kyle City Council failed to file the 30 Day Finance Campaign Report.

All campaign Finance Reports are accessible to the public — and important to the election process.

Campaign finance reports show how much money is coming into a campaign and how that money is being spent and shows the public who is helping a candidate get elected. 

Unless Kyle city candidates chose modified reporting, they are required to file a campaign finance report on the 30th and 8th day prior to election day.

Candidates that chose modified reporting are stating that they intend to not accept more than $500 in political contributions or make more than $500 in political expenditures (excluding filing fees) in connection with any future election within the election cycle.

Kyle Candidate Finance Reports

Amanda Stark – Failed to File 30 Day Finance Report

Kyle Weekly spoke directly with Candidate Stark who confirmed that her campaign did not submit the 30 Day Finance Report.

Dex Ellison: Selected Modified Reporting – No Report Required