Kyle Residents Can Expect Rolling Blackouts On A Scheduled Basis.

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Pedernales Electric Cooperative “PEC” has released a press announcement stating a goal to have the rolling blackouts on a more predictable schedule. Essentially 3 hours of electricity with about an 1.5-hour interruptions.

The press release states:


We continue to make progress restoring power to our members. We know many of you have been without power for an extended period of time, and that some of you remain out of power. We want you to know that we are committed to getting you back online as quickly as possible.

If you have had an outage that exceeds two hours, you likely have a weather-related outage. If you have reported it as an outage, we are working diligently to restore power to you. If you have not yet reported it, please call 888-883-3379 or use pec.smarthub.coop.

We have implemented a rotating outage schedule to provide members more certainty with these outages.

  • As of today, members should experience service interruptions for about an hour and a half approximately every three hours.
  • We expect some level of outages to continue to occur at least through tomorrow afternoon with the amount of time you have power hopefully increasing.

This schedule is subject to change when ERCOT’s requirements change, but we are working to ensure the outages do not exceed an hour and a half at a time. We will alert you on our website and social media if there is a change to the outage portion of the schedule.

Winter storm warnings continue across our service territory through tomorrow. Please take advantage of local resources as needed. A list of these resources can be found here. Thank you for your continued patience! Please check back, and visit our social media posts for the latest information.

READ ON PEC SITE: https://www.pec.coop/news/2021/working-to-restore-power/

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