Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen Secretly Recorded Bragging on Hurting Local Government and Offering Quid Pro Quo

In June, Empower Texans leader Michael Quinn Sullivan revealed that he had secretly recorded a 64-minute meeting with House Speaker Dennis Bonnen during which.

The speaker presented him with a quid pro quo proposition and bragged about waging war on Local Government.

Waging War Against Local Cities and Counties

The recording revealed that top Republican lawmakers wanted the 2019 session to be painful for cities and counties — and 2021 to be even worse.

The recording of a conversation between two top Republican state lawmakers and a conservative activist released Tuesdayexposed legislators’ intentional political targeting of cities and counties — and their plans to make the 2021 legislative session even more painful for local governments.

“Any mayor, county judge that was dumb ass enough to come meet with me, I told them with great clarity, my goal is for this to be the worst session in the history of the legislature for cities and counties,” Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, R-Angleton, said in the recording.

“I hope the next session is even worse,” Republican state Rep. Dustin Burrows of Lubbock replied.

Bonnen then said he was “all in for that.”

The Quid Pro Quo Proposition

The Speaker would provide press passes to Michael Quinn Sullivan (Empower Texans PAC) staff in exchange for Empower Texans PAC directing the political spending toward certain Republican targets.

Since the first mention of the tape, its specific contents have been an obsession of all who closely follow Texas politics.