The 9 Things Kyle Citizens Should Know About 2020 Hays CISD Budget

Reviewing the school district’s proposed 2020 budget is about as much fun as, well, reviewing a school district’s budget.

So we saved you some time.

Here are the top 9 things you need to know as a Kyle citizen paying Hays CISD property taxes.

1) The total 2020 proposed budget is an amazing $235,912,796.00.

2) The proposed 2020 budget represents a 9% total increase from last year’s budget.

3) The 3 Largest Expenditures Are Payroll, Debt Service and Supplies.

4) 55% of revenues for the 2020 proposed budget come from local taxes.

5) The General Fund Budget is balanced with $1.8 Million from General Fund Equity

6) Teachers will get an estimated average raise of 4.35%.

7) The student population grew by 1.5%.

8) 70 “new” positions were added to the budget to accommodate the first year of the new Johnson High School.

9) Hays CISD tax rate did not change, but you will probably still may more in school property taxes.

While the property tax rate remains at $1.5377, overall the tax appraised value of homes has increased by 7.9%.